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K9 Arlo Odor Eliminator Soy Candle

K9 Arlo Odor Eliminator Soy Candle

Inspired by K9 Arlo, a four-year-old German Shepherd Washington K-9 officer who was shot on duty, a K9 Purple Heart Recipient, and is now retired at home living his Best Life with his Partner. With the purchase of every candle, $5 is donated to Project K9 Hero. Project K9 Hero is a 501c3 organization that cares for retired Police K-9 and Military Working Dog Heroes nationwide with medical care, food, and death benefit assistance. On January 13th, 2021, K9 Arlo was shot twice. The bullets shattered Arlo's C6 vertebrae, lodged near his spine, and injured one of his legs. Arlo had only a 30 percent chance of survival, but this Hero amazingly limped out of the Hospital doors only 5 days later!


Fox & Hound curated the scent of this candle to invigorate Strength and Determination. It is infused with natural essential oils including, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, elemi, and cade. It throws off a hint of leather, and a beautiful musk, with a very slight sweetness.



-made in the USA

-premium soy wax with double wick

-approximate burn time of 50 hours


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