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'In Dog We Trust' Prayer Candle

'In Dog We Trust' Prayer Candle

Set your intentions to put all faith in dog & the secret society of animal husbandry common sense. You can also set intentions for the poor souls who cluelessly let their dogs wander off leash, to find their way to this society & become 'woke' about how they handle their dog.


*select 'with matches' to bundle this candle with our custom novelty matches for an additional $2, half the full retail price*


-100% non-toxic & non-scented vegan soy wax 

-100% cotton wick

-clean & even burn with no soot & no black smoke

-pre trimmed wick ready to light

-for indoor or outdoor use

-can be used for intermittent or continuous burn or for decoration

-safer than a traditional pillar candle that has an open flame because it is difficult for the flame to come into contact with anything outside the jar

-while our glass does get warm to the touch, it does not get too hot to the touch & may still be moved while burning

-made in the US


Traditionally, prayer candles were designed to burn continuously for 6-7 days (144 to 168 hours). There are no set rules on how a 7 day prayer candle should be burned, but each user should keep their own safety concerns & positive intentions in mind when burning a candle. The goal of a prayer candle is to keep your focus towards the successful completion of an intention you set when lighting the candle.

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