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Camel Jerky Strips

Camel Jerky Strips

Made from 100% wild caught camel meat. No fillers, chemicals, or preservatives. Easy to break into bite sized pieces! Camel meat is a novelty protein source that may offer a good alternative for dog's with allergies. 


Sourced from a family business that started in 1992 due to their passion for animal husbandry & the preservation of the Golden Retriever breed while searching for high quality meals & treats to enhance the longevity & health of their canine counterparts.


Ingredients: 100% wild caught camel muscle meat

*meat is sourced & dried under the supervision of nutrition experts, animal health practitioners & veterinarians


-6 strips per bag

-strips measure around 1.5" wide, 5-6" long

-no preservatives, chemicals, or artificial flavors

-for animal consumption only

*This product is air dried from raw meat. While we go above & beyond to source safe, natural treats, all dogs tolerate raw meat based products differently & we recommend introducing in small amounts if your dog is trying something new for the first time.



Nutritional Analysis

Protein (min): 87% 
Crude Fat (min): 5.5% 
Fiber (max): 2.7%

Moisture (max): 5.5%

Ash (max): 7.3%

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