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USDA Organic Mushrooms Immune Support

USDA Organic Mushrooms Immune Support

Fera Pet Organics uses real mushrooms, organically cultivated and naturally grown, free from heavy metals and agricultural chemicals, certified organic and Kosher. This mushroom blend is certified to be the highest quality available in the world for dogs and cats. Made from organic mushrooms (100% fruiting bodies) with high levels of beta-d-glucan. No mycelium, no grain, no starch.


Why does my pet need mushrooms?

* Enhances the immune system and immune response

* Supports brain health

* Enhances cardiovascular function, normal blood pressure, & regulates cholesterol

* Supports healthy gut and digestion 

* Enhances liver function 

* Supports normal blood sugar levels

*contains Beta Glucans which stimulate an increased immune response to more effectively fight off infections


-USDA Certified Organic

-NASC Certified

-Grain free, no soy, corn or dairy

-No fillers, artificial colors, dyes or preservatives

-for use in dogs and cats only
-Made in United States of America

-manufactured by Fera Pet Organics


FEEDING DIRECTIONS: 1 scoop per 25 lbs, 1 jar contains 120 scoops


INGREDIENTS: 500mg of prioprietary organic mushroom blend consisting of organic lion's mane, organic red reishi, organic shittake, organic cordyceps, organic maitake, organic turkey tail, organic chaga, organic oyster, organic poria, organic tremella

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