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Smoked Ostrich Gizzard

Smoked Ostrich Gizzard

Have a tough chewer? Try out one of our smoked Ostrich gizzards! They measure between 9-12" long & 4" wide (natural variation is to be expected). They are a wide, flat chew with a tough texture that softens as the dog continues to chew. These are comparable to tremeda discs in terms of chewability. The wood smoked process provides extra flavor without the worry of bones that easily brittle like traditonally wood smoked chews. Ostrich is also a novelty protein that is typically well tolerated by dogs with allergies & sensitivities. 


-high protein, low fat chew which provides a great way to get some extra protein into your dogs diet especially if they are an athlete or a working dog

-due to the size, these chews also make a nice option for dogs that tend to gulp whole treats

-Ostrich is rich in iron, Omega-3 & Omega-fatty acids

-we recommend 15-20 minute chew sessions at a time because this chew is fairly large


Ingredients: 100% Ostrich Gizzard (stomach)

*meat sourced in South Africa by a small family run business based in the Rocky Mountains who focus on producing healthy, natural high quality dog treats made from simple & carefully sourced ingredients


*This product is intended as a chew. Chewing is an activity that should always be monitored, especially if you are offering a new treat to your dog for the first time. Remove immediately if it becomes a choking hazard or develops sharp edges. Always keep fresh water available.*

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