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Shark Cartilage Sticks

Shark Cartilage Sticks

Shark Cartilage is considered to be a super food! Not only is it a great dental treat but it's packed full of nutritional value. It is a whole food source of chondroitin sulfate & glucosamine, which play a vital role in joint health. Chondroitin sulfate promotes cartilage elasticity & promotes water retention (this ensures proper nourishment of the joint’s tissues, providing adequate shock absorption). Glucosamine is believed to improve the body’s ability to repair damaged articular cartilage (the material that forms a cushion between joints). For these reasons it's often used as a natural aid for arthritis.


These natural chews are built for the strength of bitey jaws. We consider them to be one of our toughest treats/chews & for this reason we do not recommend them for dog's with dental issues. 


-This listing is for 6-7 chews varying in size due to natural variation. We try to ensure a good mix of sizes in each bag.

-good source of sulphate, Protein & Calcium

-can be used to add extra bone to a raw diet or introduced in small amounts daily as a natural joint supplement

-no chemical or preservatives

-Zero waste, ethically sourced product


Ingredients: 100% Australian Shark

*made & sourced in Australia from a family owned business that prides themselves on sourcing ethical, clean meat products for pets free of preservatives, chemicals, & other fillers. Shark products are ethically sourced in Australia under strict catchment guidelines.*


This product is intended as a chew. Chewing is an activity that should always be monitored, especially if you are offering a new treat to your dog for the first time. Remove immediately if it becomes a choking hazard or develops sharp edges. Because shark cartilage varies in size, we encourage that you pay extra close attention to dogs that gulp treats whole. Always keep fresh water available.

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