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Rear Rabbit Feet

Rear Rabbit Feet

Single ingredient rear rabbit feet naturally air dried. Rear feet are typically larger than the front feet & measure between 3-4" but natural variation is to be expected. Fur is great for promoting a healthy digestive tract by helping to clear away food residue & allowing for improved absorption. Fur also acts as a natural dewormer by brushing both worms and eggs that may be in the digestive tract. Dogs with high sensitivities typically do well with rabbit ears & feet.


3 feet per package.


-great addition to raw diets & also make for great lick mat/toppl stuffers

-high protein, low fat & low calorie snack

-because rabbit is generally farmed by small businesses only, it has less environmental impact than other meat sources such as beef or lamb

-for animal consumption only


Ingredients: 100% hormone & antibiotic free rabbit feet

*Rabbits are farm raised by a small family business in the Northern United States that helps support their local agriculture economy. Some rabbit feet are also sourced from local Amish raised rabbits. They pride themselves on producing high quality products for dogs & ensure the animals are dispatched in the most humane & ethical way possible.


*This product does contain small bone. Chewing, especially when it involves bones, is an activity that needs to be monitored. While our products are gently air dried to avoid brittling, we still caution to feed the appropriate size/amount for your dog & remove if the product develops any sharp edges that could pose a safety hazzard. Additionally, always ensure fresh water is available when feeding chews*

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