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Natural Dried Lamb Hide Strips

Natural Dried Lamb Hide Strips

Single ingredient chews, sourced from non-GMO, antibiotic & hormone free wild lamb. Lamb offers an alternative for dogs that may have allergies or sensitivities to beef. Hair is great for promoting a healthy digestive tract by helping to clear away food residue and allowing for improved absorption. Fur also acts as a natural dewormer by brushing both worms and eggs that may be in the digestive tract. These rawhides are NOT stripped, processed with toxic chemicals, or dyed like many industrially made rawhides. Unlike traditional rawhides that can lead to blockages and choking concerns, these are 100% digestible.


-approximately 3 chews per package

*strips vary in length & width due to natural variation

-sourced ethically from Wild Lamb in Turkey under the supervision of nutrition experts, animal health practitioners & veterinarians

-for animal consumption only


Ingredients: 100% Lamb Scalp


Nutritional Analysis:

Protein (min): 55.9%

Fat (min): 32.6%

Fiber (max): 0.3%

Moisture (max): 7%

Ash: 2.2%


**Always supervise chewing, especially when your dog is trying something for the first time. While these rawhides are durable and digestible, if your pup is ripping large pieces free and swallowing them, we recommend removing the chew for safety reasons.**

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