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HS Curogan Classic Training Collar

HS Curogan Classic Training Collar

Ultra Plus Training Collar with Center Plate & Assembly Chain - Classic version no swivel

The curogan ultra plus training collar is made of a nickel-free, copper tin alloy for dogs that are sensitive to or may have an allergic reaction to nickel. Equipped with a center plate & assembly chain which allows the middle link to be configured symmetrically, enabling the prongs to tighten in the same direction so that pressure is distributed evenly around the dog's neck. The size of this collar can be adjusted by adding or removing the links individually. Individual links are also available for purchase.

-the ends of the links are rounded to prevent injury when used properly

-made in Germany from nickel free curogan, built to last

-Curogan may darken over time but will not rust


The collars come in the following sizes:

*the below size recommendations are from the manufacturer*

-16" length, 2.25mm gauge links (up to 40lbs, max of 66lbs)

-23" length, 3.2mm gauge links (up to 88lbs)

-25" length, 4mm gauge links (up to 154lbs)

Length & gauge size are subject to manufacturer availability. If a size is out of stock or back ordered by the manufacturer, we will email you to notify you & issue a refund if necessary. Average leadtime from manufacturer is 7-14 business days on sizes that are not on back order.


Please note, due to the large variety in size range, we do not keep a large stock of inventory in this product. Our Herm Sprenger collars are ordered from the manufacturer once an order has been processed. The standard leadtime is about 7-14 business days.


Manufacturer sizing instructions:

1. choose the correct wire gauge based on your dog's weight or trainer recommendation

2. measure your dogs neck & add 2", collars should sit higher up on the neck as shown in the diagram

3. add or remove links to further customize the length of your prong collar to your dog's needs


CAUTION: Please do not use this collar unsupervised or leave it on an unattended dog. If you have not previously used a prong collar, please work with an ethical trainer to determine if the tool is right for your dog & to learn how to properly introduce it. The prong collar is not a substitute for training & is meant to be used in conjunction with training. Finally, please beware of competitor products, they are not built to meet the same standards as Herm Sprenger's products & the quality of the products may pose a safety risk.  The Working Mongrel is not held liable for improper or careless equipment use. It is the customer's responsibility to practice safe use.


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