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HS Black Long Link Fur Saver

HS Black Long Link Fur Saver

Long Link Fur Saver Collar - Stainless Steel

Herm Sprenger's stainless steel fur savers are resistant to corrosion & easy to clean. Great for breeds with long & fine fur, made with less links to inflict less mating on a dog's coat.

-well polished surface prevents fur from knotting, pulling, & breaking

-great for grooming, trials, & more

-quality rust proof collar made in Germany


Available lengths by link gauge:

-3mm gauge link: 20", 21", 22", 24", 26", 29"

-4mm gauge link: 21", 23", 25", 26", 28"


How to Measure:

*manufacturer instructions*

1. take two measurements; the largest part of your dog's head & the middle of his/her neck

-if your dog's head measurement is larger than his/her neck, use this measurement for step 2

-if your dog's neck measurement is larger than his/her head, use this measurement for step 2

2. add 2" to the above measurement (head of neck) for larger dogs, 1-1.5" for smaller dogs. This is the size collar you need


Manufacturer recommendations for sizing:

20" = 17-18" neck

21" = 18-19" neck

23" = 20-21" neck

24" = 21-22" neck

26" = 23-24" neck

28" = 25-26" neck

Length & gauge size are subject to manufacturer availability. If a size is out of stock or back ordered by the manufacturer, we will email you to notify you & issue a refund if necessary. Average leadtime from manufacturer is 7-14 business days on sizes that are not on back order.


CAUTION: Do not leave this collar on unattended dogs to prevent injury.The Working Mongrel is not held liable for improper or careless equipment use. It is the customer's responsibility to practice safe use.

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