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Heavy Beta Biothane Ball Tug

Heavy Beta Biothane Ball Tug

Create your own reward tug!

**This is a made to order product**

Our ball tugs are built for durability using super heavy 3/4" beta biothane & high carbon steel tactical grade strength screws. Ball tugs are a great, interactive way to reward dogs with high ball drive or those who love to play tug. Select the strength grade of the ball at the end, customize the handle color & select your length option to complete your tug. Tugs measure 10" total from end of handle to end of ball. The interior handle loop measures 5". The total measurement can be increased to 12" or 14" looped, & 12" no looped end either flat or knotted (the knot does reduce the length by 1").


Need 2 tugs? Select our option for a 2nd tug for a price discount if you want 2 identical tugs in length. You can still select your ball & handle color for your 2nd tug, which may be indicated in the notes. Tug sets of two will be made with the same handle length & style.


-biothane is water proof, odor proof, & easy to clean

-rubber washers w/ teeth are added to screws for an extra secure seal

-screws feature a thermochemical treatment for corrosion & rust resistance


Ball options: 

*all are 2.5" diameter, equivalent to size M chuck-it*

-ultra lime

.heaviest options

-speckled  (blue w/ color) or confetti (off white w/ color) chuckit

.heavy option for dogs that like to sink their teeth in

-glow in the dark, crinkle chuckit (makes crinkle noise, comes in blue), or stratto squish chuck it (comes in orange & blue)

.lighter weight, flexible ball


Finish Options:

-double high carbon steel screws

.recommended for dogs that like to put gear to the test

*braided finish is not available at this time*


Biothane Color Options:

-Sahara Tan (NEW!)



-Olive Drab

-Deep Neon Green

-Neon Yellow

-Safety Orange

-Fuschia Neon Pink

-Arctic White (NEW!)


Length (from end of ball to end of handle):

-standard length is 10", handle interior measures 5"

-additional lengths with looped handle offered in 12", 14"

-additional length with unlooped handle offered in 12", 14"

*unlooped handles have the option to add a knot on the end. We suggest opting for the 14" length if you would like a knotted end as the knot removes about 1" from the total length*


PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a chew toy & is meant to be an interactive reward toy only. Dogs should not be left unattended with reward toys. Improper use of tugs can result in a choking hazard if ingested or chewed apart. It is the customer's responsibility to understand correct & safe use of tug toys. Dogs must be conditioned to bite the ball instead of the handle. The Working Mongrel is not liable for injuries resulting from  incorrect, uninformed, or other misuse of our products.

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