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French Linen Tug - Single Handle

French Linen Tug - Single Handle

Let your pup sink his teeth into top-grade french linen with this single-handle tear resistant tug. Built for interactive play, drive building, & training, it is engineered from the same material as bite suits. Sewn together with high denier thread, featuring a rubberized woven handle for a stonger grip & durability. 

-made in Europe

-used in Shutzhund, police work, & ring sport

-2 sizes: 8"x1.5", 12"x1.5" (length is not inclusive of handles)


PLEASE NOTE: This tug is meant only as an interactive piece of equipment to be used with a handler. It should not be used as a chew toy nor is it meant to be left with an unsupervised dog. Improper use may result in a choking or safety hazard if pieces are swallowed or chewed up. Dogs must also be conditioned to bite the pillow portion only. While the handles are durable, they are not meant to be chewed on. The Working Mongrel is not liable for any damage caused by improper, unsafe, & incorrect use. Please consult with an ethical trainer & do your research to learn more about proper tug use.

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