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Dried Duck Egg Crumble

Dried Duck Egg Crumble

All the benefits without the mess! Conveniently dried duck eggs make a great additive to any diet. Our eggs are sourced locally from small farms & family owned flocks that are free range, non GMO, & hormone free. The eggs are scrambled with the shell & gently dried to make them easy to store & long lasting!


Why feed your dog eggs?

Eggs are nutrient rich additives to your dog's meal, when sourced properly. They are high in protein, fatty acids, and vitamins. Including the shell offers a great source of calcium and will help you meet your dog's nutritional needs for bone intake when raw feeding or to firm up loose stool. We clean the shells of the eggs by gently scrubbing with water & never bleach or use chemicals to clean the shells. Duck eggs can make for a great substitution for dogs that have sensitivities to other poultry sources like chicken.


-2.5 oz bag

-made in the USA

-for animal consumption only

-sourced from local free range, non GMO, hormone free Ducks

-store at room temperature, stays fresh for around 11 months


This product is dehydrated in house fresh, once an order is placed. This can tak 24-48 hours. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

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