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Dried Bull Testicles

Dried Bull Testicles

Yep, you read that right. This treat is made from 100% bull testicles that are sliced & gently dehydrated. We know these weren't the type of meatballs you would traditionally feed your dog but they are an awesome novelty treat packed with a lot of benefits. These are an especially great addition to neutered males diets & performance, sport, or other working dogs for an extra energy boost.


-3.5oz sized bag, pictured is roughly the amount of one bag

-high value, low fat novelty treat

-rich in B vitamins, especially B12 (supports blood flow, the nervous system, brain & digestive functions)

-high in potassium & phosphorus


Because this is a secreting organ, which should account for roughly 5% of your dog's diet, we only recommend a few treats a week. Excess organ meat may cause runny stool


Ingredients: 100% dried bull testical 

*made & sourced in Australia from a family owned business that prides themselves on sourcing ethical, clean meat products for pets free of preservatives, chemicals, & other fillers. All of their beef is sourced from Australian farmers helping to support their local, ethical farming industry.


*When introducing new items into your dog's diet we recommend a slow transition with only one new item at a time to see how your pup tolerates it.*

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