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Dehydrated Apple Rings

Dehydrated Apple Rings

An apple a day, helps keep the itchies away! Apples are full of all-natural, powerful antioxidants and loads of vitamin A, C and fiber. They also contain Quercetin, known as nature's benadryl, which is a natural antihistamine that can reduce irritation, redness, and inflammation. Fresh, whole apples supply about 4.4mg of quercetin for every 100g of apple. These treats are made from Fuji apples that are hand-picked fresh from local farms in the USA. The apples are cored, sliced and dehydrated for a soft, crispy and juicy treat. Includes the apple skin for more nutrition! 


Greatly recommended for older dogs or those with not-so-strong teeth.


-2.6oz bag, approximately 30 pieces per bag as pictured

-apple rings measure 2.5" diameter x 0.125" thick

-Made in the USA

-No preservatives, no hormones, no chemicals, no additives & no fillers

-best used within 30 days after opening for optimal flavor 

-manufactured by Lucky Premium Treats for K9 consumption only


Nutritional Analysis

Protein = 0% (min)

Fat = 0% (min)

Fiber = 2% (max)

Moisture = 9% (max)

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