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Crocodile Tails - 2 pack

Crocodile Tails - 2 pack

Crocodile is a novel protein & the highest quality meat comes from the tail of the Crocodile. Most tails measure around 6-8" after they are dried (some natural variation is to be expected). They are an incredibly labor intensive treat to make & must be slowly dried in small batches over the course of 6 days.


We recommend breaking into pieces for short chewing sessions, unless you have a dog that is prone to gobbling treats whole


-this listing is for 2 tails

-high protein, low fat treat filled with Omega fatty acids

-can be easily broken down into smaller pieces

*makes for a good chew for small to medium dogs


Ingredients: 100% Australian Crocodile Tail

*made & sourced in Australia from a family owned business that prides themselves on sourcing ethical, clean meat products for pets free of preservatives, chemicals, & other fillers. All fish & seafood products help to support their local fishing industry*


This product is intended as a chew. Chewing is an activity that should always be monitored, especially if you are offering a new treat to your dog for the first time. Remove immediately if it becomes a choking hazard or develops sharp edges. Always keep fresh water available.

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