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Colostrum-38 K9

Colostrum-38 K9

Made from 100% Canadian rBGH-free Bovine Colostrum that contains over 90 immune factors, including the naturally occurring immunoglobulins IgG & IgA. It provides over 70 different growth factors for cellular support, bioactive proteins, peptides, & probiotics. The use of Colostrum may increase the effectiveness of some vaccinations, improve the immune response against certain viruses, support gut microflora, along with improving bone & muscle function in older dogs.

We only sell Colostrum that is responsibly collected only after the first 12 hours of birth & within a 36-hour time frame, when the colostrum is at its peak. Calves alone receive it during the first 12 hours; after that, it is shared.


-250 mL | 9 oz

-Ethically sourced from rBGH-free, grass-fed cows

-Provides 38% IgG

-30 scoops per jar


Directions for Use:

Scoop Included = 1/4 tsp (472 mg)

Dogs under 10 lbs: one pinch (1/16 tsp)

• Small Dogs (11-25 lbs): ⅛ tsp once daily

• Medium or Large Dogs (26-99 lbs): ¼ tsp once daily

• Extra Large Dogs (100 lbs or more): ½ tsp once daily

**For allergies, we recommend feeding for 1-2 months at a time, & tapering off for at least a month before reintroducing to maintain effectiveness.**


Nutritional Analysis 

Per ¼ tsp (473 mg)

Protein (min) = 50%

Fat (min) = 23%

Fiber (max) = 1.0%

Moisture (max)  = 4.0%

Ash (max) = 4.0-5.0%



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