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1/2" Obedience Slip Lead Collar

1/2" Obedience Slip Lead Collar

Made with 1/2" super heavy beta biothane, these slip lead collars are multi-functional. Designed with off leash work, heel work, & obedience in mind, they also make a great collar for grooming as biothane is waterproof & odor proof. Because they feature a shoty handle, they are incredibly useful for training around the house, in field work or in scenarios when a grab handle is needed. The design of the collar functions like a slip lead, the more tension, the more the lead will tighten on the dog's neck. We utilize tactical grade hardware built for heavy use. Our screws are slotted high carbon steel with a washer for extra grip. The washers also create a nice stopper for holding the ring in place either between the washer or on the interior of the inner most washer.


Handlers are now avaible in lengths: 5".  8", 10"

This product is made in house custom to your dog's measurements once an order is placed. It can be slipped over the head or the handle end can be fed through the loop past the screws if you are not able to easily slip it overhead. We recommend measuring your dog's neck at the desired position you'd like to use this lead at. We will add an extra 2" into the measurement to ensure you can slip it over your dog's neck. 


PLEASE READ: We will make the collar to the measurement the buyer lists, & it is the responsibility of the buyer to provide proper measurements. When you are adding this product to your cart, please type in the actual neck measurement size, the handle size, & indicate the desired color. Difference size ranges & handle lengths have a slight cost difference based on the amount of yardage used. If you have a dog with a neck size outside of our listed ranges, please send us an email & we will quote you a price!


Do not leave this collar on an unsupervised dog. This collar is meant for active work. Due to the slip lead function, this can pose a potential safety hazard for an unattended dog if it were to catch on an object & the dog is unable to slip out.


**This is a made to order item, cut to the selected length once an order has been placed. Most made to order items have a leadtime of 7-14 business days depending on the quantity of orders received & the product type. This specific product typically is ready in less than 7 business days**

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