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the 'Mongrel Mentality'

Welcome to the 'No Bullshit' Dog Blog


You graduate college, finally landing your first 'adult job' making real 'adult money'. Of course the natural progression as an avid dog lover is to go find yourself a dog. After years of dreaming about importing a German Shepherd from Europe, your moment is here. Yet, in spite of your dream, your dog damn emotions get the best of you and you end up bringing home the most damaged dog that you could've found. A far cry from your original intentions. Your shiny new German Shepherd is instead feral and imported from hell. WTF did you get yourself into.


We can confidently say, we've had a lot of WTF moments when it comes to the Dog Community. Just when you think you're a dog expert, you find yourself with a dog that makes you realize you actually know next to nothing. And if you're lucky enough, you may just find yourself a dog with 99 problems that not even the 'experts' can solve.

We're here to give you the 'no bullshit' dog blog. A resource of our knowledge that we've acquired through countless tears, a whole lot of swearing, and some common sense. Basically we plan to fill our blog with all the information that we wish someone would've told us. And well, because everything is a learning curve, we'll keep you filled in as our knowledge grows.


1. A TON of nutrition and K9 health information, since we've basically managed to acquire dogs with as many health problems as our disabled CEO (& because we're nerds who LOVE taking nutrition courses)

2. Helpful training tips, enrichment activities, guides to proper (safe) tool use, & information about the resources that we've leaned on

3. Guest blog posts from industry experts

4. Feature posts about our Affiliates & Customers as well as posts written by our Affiliates & Customers

5. A little bit of everything else in between, including product features & reviews so you know what the hell you're buying

Listen, the dog community is a total shit show, I mean sit show. It's filled with obnoxiously strong opposing opinions which to be honest, are pretty overwhelming and sometimes intimidating. While we certainly have our personal opinions, we're really here to offer fact based information and a common sense approach. At the end of the day, facts could care less about your feelings, Karen. So welcome! We're thrilled to have you, and please always feel free to join our dialogue in the comments. This is YOUR resource.

P.S. Don't forget to thank the dogs that made your life hell. Without them, you wouldn't be the handler you are today.


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