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Venison Legs

Venison Legs

**Please note, due to an increase in both shipping costs, labor, & production costs from the supplier, we’ve had to increase the cost of our Venison leg chews. We do our best to provide affordable novelty treats & only ever raise product costs as a result of supplier cost increases**

Transparently sourced from 100% wild Roe Deer, these dehydrated chews offer a great alternative for dogs that have intolerances or allergies to traditional tough chews. These are great teether's for medium to large dogs for satisfying the natural need to chew! 
We are now allowing these to be purchased in quantities of 1 or 3 due to the increase in supplier costs so that you may test the chew before committing to a bag of 3!


-great tough natural alternative to traditional rawhides

-single ingredient, no preservatives or chemicals

-for animal consumption only


Ingredients: 100% dried Roe Deer Leg

**meat is sourced & dried under the supervision of nutrition experts, animal health practitioners & veterinarians to ensure safety & quality of the meat being used**


Nutritional Analysis:

Protein (min): 87%

Fat (min): 11.5%

Moisture (max): 9.5%

Ash: 2.04%


PLEASE READ! These super chews require close supervision due to containing bone & hooves. Because these feet include large bones when broken down, we recommend monitoring your pet closely during consumption & using your judgement to discard these bones once they are visible. We do not recommend feeding the hoof. Watch your pet while they enjoy this chew, to ensure these are fed properly for safety. Please give the appropriate size/amount & feed responsibly to prevent injury, choking hazzards, & digestive upset. Recommended chewing time is 15-20 minutes per session.

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