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Turkey Necks - 2 pack

Turkey Necks - 2 pack

2 pieces of turkey necks per bag. While each piece will vary in size, on average, each turkey neck is approximately 8-12" long.


Please note: This chew is made up of a whole turkey neck which has been baked at a low temperature for many hours. There are small neck vertebrae in this treat, and due to the long cooking process, the bones crumble into little pieces, rather than splintering. As with any treat, please observe your dog while they're eating this chew.


- high in glucosamine and chondroitin, which may aid in joint health

-Chew Meter: Medium. Moderately lasting chew for medium to large sized dogs.

-Made in Germany

-manufactured by The Natural Dog Company


Nutritional Analysis

Protein (min): 57% Crude Fat (min): 8% Moisture (max): 3%Fiber (max): 10%

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