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1.5" Wide 'Tacti-Cool' ID Collar

1.5" Wide 'Tacti-Cool' ID Collar

2 Smaller Sizes Coming Soon!

Need a place to put a patch or two? Meet our Tacti Cool everyday ID collar complete with a metal cobra buckle & a 5.5" velcro strip. This collar was designed to be an ID collar for a single patch for your pup's inner working K9 spirit. You now have the option to extend the length of the velcro aroudn the entire circumference of the dog's neck & choose multicam instead of solid black!


Our standard collar is made with a 5.5" velcro strip but you also have the option to include velcro around the entire circumference of the collar. For our medium-large size collar, this would add approximately a 16" strip, for our big boy large collar this would add approximately a 22" strip. Please note that while our sliders will go over the velcro for adjustability, it will require a bit more effort to adjust the collar with full velcro due to the added thickness. However, this is a great option if you are looking to add multiple patches or a longer ID tag measuring over 5.5". Our multicam velcro is only available to add around the entire circumference of the collar.


Our promise: We believe in our gear & offer repairs or replacements that are not K9 induced or normal wear. 


-1.5" wide adjustable nylon band collar w/ 5.5" velcro strip (standard black velcro option)

-velcro ID panel measures approximately 1.5" wide by 5.5" long (can be adjusted to wrap around the entire collar, select this option when adding to cart)

*measurements for each of our patches are indicated in their product listing. Please review patch measurements as not all of our patches are small enough to fit the collar*

-features metal cobra buckle for easy on/off, closed buckle measures 2.5" long

-features small ring separate from the leash hook to add tags

-comes in 2 sizes: medium-large, big boi large (2 smaller sizes coming soon!)

-if you are adding velcro around the entire circumference you can opt for multicam black or solid black


Each size fits a wide range of neck sizes

***please refer to our diagram to understand exact collar measurements, the below size range is adjusted to include the entire velcro portion & is not inclusive of the buckle. Collars can be adjusted smaller but willl minimize the amount of velcro that can be utilized for patches***

size 'medium to large' (16-21"):

-recommended for most medium to large dogs

size 'big boy large' (18-26"):

-recommended for extra large dogs or dogs with wide necks such as mastiffs, great danes, st bernarnds, etc.


* please measure your dogs neck at desired fit position to determine appropriate size. For additional questions please email *


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