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Smoked Beef Ear

Smoked Beef Ear

Single ingredient chew with fur! Sustainably sourced & naturally air dried under veterinary supervision. Beef ears are also a great natural enrichment treat that can be stuffed & frozen.


Hair is great for promoting a healthy digestive tract by helping to clear away food residue and allowing for improved absorption. Fur also acts as a natural dewormer by brushing both worms and eggs that may be in the digestive tract.


-this listing is for 1 beef ear

*most beef ears are 7"+ but natural variation is to be expected

-promotes the natural need to chew & dissect while reducing tartar

-for animal consumption only

-should be fed in between meals in 15-20 minute increments with fresh water available under supervision


Nutritional Analysis

Protein (min): 67.18% 
Crude Fat (min): 14.7% 
Moisture (max): 12%

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