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Whole Prey Rabbit Burgers

Whole Prey Rabbit Burgers

Ground whole prey wild caught North American Rabbit meat formed into 3" burgers & gently air dried. The meat grind we use includes the head, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, bone, lung, & muscle meat. It is approximately 65% meat, 5% organ & 28-30% bone content. Our patties are made to be fed as part of a meal or broken into smaller pieces & used for a training treat. 


-bag contains 9 patties

-Our patties are derrived from a whole prey blend

*they can be used as part of a raw diet or a great way to add extra protein into any diet

-Rabbit meat is a lean novelty protein source typically well tolerated by dogs with sensitivities 



Ingredients: Rabbit meat, heart, liver, kidney, lung, brain, & bone

*Rabbit meat sourced from small family run businesses in the Northern USA specializing in offerring high quality pet food


Nutritional Analysis (before air dried)

Protein (min): 17% 
Crude Fat (min): 5% 
Moisture (max): 74%
Fiber (max): 0%


*This treat is dehydrated in house & made to order to ensure freshness. Please allow 12-72 hours for our drying process on any items that are made to order*

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