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Mackerel Bites

Mackerel Bites

These dried Mackerel bites are a great whole food source for getting essential Omega fatty acids into your dog's diet. Feed as part of a meal to add protein & extra nutrients, or use as a high value training treat. Mackerel is packed with additional essential nutrients & Amino acids such as Vitamin B12, selenium, & Vitamin D which contributes to lowering Triglyceride levels. Mackerel is also typically regarded as an contraining incredibly low mercry levels.


We also recommend introducing any new treat gradually in small amounts to determine how your dog tolerates it, especially if your dog is not acustomed to products derrived from raw meat.


-3.5oz sized bag

-good treat for cardiovascular health & helping the body to aid in recovery

-good treat option for dogs with allergies & sensitivities 

-most pieces still have the skin in tact

-chemical, dye, & preservative free with no added salts


Ingredients: 100% Australian Mackerel

*made & sourced in Australia from a family owned business that prides themselves on sourcing ethical, clean meat products for pets free of preservatives, chemicals, & other fillers. All fish & seafood products help support their local fishing industry*


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