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Large Mongolian Goat Horn - 2 pack

Large Mongolian Goat Horn - 2 pack

Cut and braised, cured and dried for a long lasting chew. Sourced from half wild, free range goats in Mongolia. 100% digestible, the enzymes in dogs' saliva help soften the edges to break away pieces.


Horns are a bi-product that are otherwise considered waste during animal production for human grade food. Traditional Mongolian herders fed leftover parts such as horns, tails, tendons, and hooves to their dogs to avoid wastage. Today this practice is still in place, and has spread to dogs worldwide!


-this listing is for a pack of 2 large goat horns

-free from preservatives and additives

-good source of Keratin

-typically measuring around 10-12" in length, 3" in width

-typical weight is around 6-7oz per horn 

*due to natural variations in this product, there is no guarantee in length or weight of each individual piece


Nutritional Analysis

Protein (min): 89.8% 
Crude Fat (min): 1.3% 
Moisture (max): 9.6%
Fiber (max): 5.6%


**This chew requires close supervision. Any type of chewing behavior should always be monitored. If this product splinters or develops sharp edges, throw it away immediately for your pet’s safety. To prevent injury and choking hazards, please watch your pet while they enjoy this chew, and be sure to give the appropriate size/amount. While this is much softer than a traditional antler or buffalo horn chew, and goat horns can be broken down by a dog's natural digestive enzyems, we still do not recommend for dogs with dental issues.**


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