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Goose Neck

Goose Neck

Goose neck's are offer an alternative to dog's that have sensitivities to Turkey & can't have our turkey necks. They are similar in size, most measure around 8" dried (natural variation is to be expected). They have a firm, crunchy texture & can also be broken apart into pieces. They are considered a medium to light chew & make for a great natural way to add some extra glucosamine & chondroitin (good for joint health) into your dog's diet.


Available in quantities of 1 or 2 pcs. 


-high protein & low in fat

-great alternative for dog's that have sensitivies to Turkey & other poultry

-contains Glucosamine & Chondroitin that help promote Joint Health

-contains soft bone, cartilage & connective tissue

-unlike smoked bones that brittle easily, naturally air dried treats with bones are much more digestible & safer


Ingredients: 100% free range hormone & antibiotic free Goose neck

*Goose sourced by a company who's mission is to offer grass-fed, hormone & antibiotic free, all-natural, USDA approved meats to make healthy treats & meat cuts for dogs. Their journey into Canine nutrition started as they were looking for a diet solution for their dog that suffered from extreme allergies.


Nutritional Analysis

Protein (min): 68% 
Crude Fat (min): 27% 
Moisture (max): 6%
Ash (max): 2%


Safety Information: This product is intended as a chew. Chewing is an activity that should always be monitored, especially if you are offering a new treat to your dog for the first time. Remove immediately if it becomes a choking hazard or develops sharp edges. Always keep fresh water available.


*This treat is dehydrated in house & made to order to ensure freshness. Please allow 12-72 hours for our drying process on any items that are made to order. Goose necks typically take closer to 72 hours**

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