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Goat's Milk Powdered Meal Topper

Goat's Milk Powdered Meal Topper

We created our version of a powdered Goat Milk meal topper to offer an ethically sourced, super clean product compared to most other similar p products on the market. Our product has more of a flaky consistency to it, as we gently air dry the milk into thin sheets & then break it up into a smaller powder consistency. We've partnered with a local small family farm that sustainably raises Goats for milk to source all of our goat's milk. Each batch is farm fresh & made to order. We dry the milk in house once an order is placed to ensure freshness & drying time can vary from 12-24  hours. 


Ingredients: 100% Goats milk

*Goat's milk is sourced from a local small family farm that ethically raises Goat's for milk


What are the benefits of including Goat's milk in my dogs diet? Digestive health is always the first benefit that comes to mind when we think about Goat's milk. Goat's milk is rich in proteins called lactase enzymes, making the natural sugars in the milk more digestible. It is also packed with probiotics & A2 beta-casein, which promote healthy bacteria in your pet’s digestive system. The A2 beta-casein makes it a good alternative for dog's with allergies & sensitivities, unlike cow’s milk which contains A1 beta-casein.Vitamins A & Vitamin C are considered to be antioxidants, which may aid in immune health. Because Goat's milk is also rich in biotin, which is an essential B vitamin for skin & strengthening hair follicles, it is believed to help your dog's cells produce sebum which aids in creating a luminous coat. Lastly, the wide varietyof vitamins & minerals including selenium, fatty acids, & zinc are all  believed to help reduce inflammation which may help with arthritis & achy joints.


We recommend 1-2 teaspoons to top meals to start gradually introducing in small amounts to determine how your dog tolerates it. This can be used as a daily meal topper but should be for supplemental feeding only, it is not a full balanced meal


Nutritional Analysis (prior to dehydration)

Protein (min): 3.3% 
Crude Fat (min): 3.4% 
Fiber (max): 0%


*For canine consumption only*

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