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Goat Meal Topper

Goat Meal Topper

Have a picky eater or want to add some extra excitement to meal time? This Goat meal topper is made with 100% air dried Goat meat. It has a chunkier consistency which varies slightly as it is a crumbly topper but still light! Our toppers can also be mixed with kefir, bone broth, or other soft foods to spread on a lick mat.


-3.5oz size bag

-Goat is a high protein, low fat meat high in iron


Feeding Directions:

We recommend 1-2 teaspoons to top meals as Goat meat is an incredibly nutrient rich protein source. We also recommend introducing any new topper gradually in small amounts to determine how your dog tolerates it. This can be used as a daily meal topper but should be for supplemental feeding only, it is not a full balanced meal


Ingredients: 100% air dried goat meat

*made & sourced in Australia from a family owned business that prides themselves on sourcing ethical, clean meat products for pets free of preservatives, chemicals, & other fillers. Their goat meat is sourced from Australian farmers helping to support their local, ethical farming industry.

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