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Goat Cheese Pupsicles

Goat Cheese Pupsicles

Can be purchased in a pack of 5 or 10

*we can not sell smaller quantities due to the cooking process*


Similar to our Goat Cheese wafers but with a Duck Gizzard stick to give it a bit more crunch. We've spent the last 3 months on a mission to create a more hypoallergenic, softer version to standard Yak Cheese chews for dogs with sensitivities to beef. We've partnered with a local family owned farm that ethically raises Goats for their milk to source all of our Goat milk fresh. The Duck Gizzard stick is on the crunchier side but well tolerated by most dogs.


Please note drying time can vary from 48-96 hours depending on the thickness of the pupsicle. While all are dried in the same mould, there can be a slight variance in consistency. Once dried the pupsicles measure between 5.5"-6"in length. Additionally because this treat is on the crunchier side & can break apart easily, it is a bit more fragile in transit. While we always put a great deal of care into our packaging to ensure your treats arrive in the best condition possible, these treats are more subject to becoming broken in transit. We always recommend gradually introducing nutrient rich treats in small amounts to determine how your dog tolerates it.


Ingredients: Goats milk, Organic Agar Agar Powder, Duck Gizzard (used as the popsicle stick)

*Goats milk is sourced from a local small family farm that ethically raises Goats for milk. Our Duck Gizzard sticks are sourced from Farm Hounds & are free of salt, sugars, fillers, chemicals, & preservatives. They are made in the USA & the meat is supplied by family farms committed to raising animals in the best way possible, supporting regenerative agriculture. 


What is Agar Agar Powder? Agar powder is a gelatin like substance used as a natural thickener derived from red algae seaweed & ideal for dogs with protein sensitivities from beef derrived gelatin. Agar is a high source of fiber that helps absorb toxins in the gut & carry them out of the body safely. Regulating your dog’s bowel is a vital element of digestive health. This seaweed is also a good source of calcium & magnesium.


What are the benefits of including Goats milk in my dog's diet? Digestive health is always the first benefit that comes to mind when we think about Goat's milk. Goat's milk is rich in proteins called lactase enzymes, making the natural sugars in the milk more digestible. It is also packed with probiotics & A2 beta-casein, which promote healthy bacteria in your pet’s digestive system. The A2 beta-casein makes it a good alternative for dog's with allergies & sensitivities, unlike cow’s milk which contains A1 beta-casein.Vitamins A & Vitamin C are considered to be antioxidants, which may aid in immune health. Because Goat's milk is also rich in biotin, which is an essential B vitamin for skin & strengthening hair follicles, it is believed to help your dog's cells produce sebum which aids in creating a luminous coat. Lastly, the wide variety of vitamins & minerals including selenium, fatty acids, & zinc are all  believed to help reduce inflammation which may help with arthritis & achy joints.

Goat Milk Nutritional Analysis (prior to dehydration)

Protein (min): 3.3% 
Crude Fat (min): 3.4% 
Fiber (max): 0%


What are the benefits of giving my dog Duck Gizzard? Gizzard sticks are packed full of vitamins & minerals. These include B12 (essential for the nervous system, brain function, blood cells, & intestinal health), Vitamin A (may aid in maintaining a healthy coat, skin & supports healthy muscle & nerve function), & Vitamin E (good for maintaining a healthy immune system & cardiovasular health).

Duck Gizzard Nutritional Analysis:

Protein (min): 81.43% 
Crude Fat (min): 7.2% 
Moisture (max): 10.05%
Fiber (max): 0.42%


*For canine consumption only*

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