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Elk Antler Powder

Elk Antler Powder

Elk Antler Sprinkles are made from naturally shed antlers, sourced from the mountains of Colorado. They are a great additive to sprinkle onto any meal for adding extra nutrition & excitement for picky eaters. Antler sprinkles may also offer bone content to a homemade or raw diet without the risk of hard chewing.


-3.5oz bottle, bottle measurements: opening diameter 1 5/8", height with cap 4.65"

-Rich in Iron, Zinc, Calcium & Phosphorus

-Sourecd from RidgeRunner Antlers in Breckenridge, CO


Ingredients: 100% ground naturally shed Elk Antler


Antler Mineral Analysis (Approximate % or PPM)
Protein (crude): 40.33%
Fat (crude): 0.03%
Iron: 81.7ppm
Zinc: 60.6ppm
Calcium: 18.9%
Phosphorus: 9.10%
Copper: 4.8ppm
Calories 1414 kcal/kg


1 serving = 1/2 teaspoon per 25 lbs

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