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Dried Elk Green Tripe Burgers

Dried Elk Green Tripe Burgers

The tastiest crap from 100% grass fed, organicallly raised Elk. Elk is a novelty protein which serves as a great alternative for dogs with beef sensitivities. Your pup will love the strong scent of natural, untreated intestine meat. Green tripe is an incredibly nutrient rich food high in protein & amino acids. Tripe is also loaded with digestive enzymes & probiotics which may improve your dog’s gut flora & digestive system. Tripe makes for a great meal addition for picky eatiers due to it's strong scent & can help to improve appetites. 


Because tripe is such a nutrient rich food, we recommend feeding it in very small amounts as a high value training treat or a meal topper. Our patties can be easily broken apart into smaller pieces. We do not recommend tripe for dogs under 6 months due to how rich it is. As always, consult with your veterinarian first if you have any concerns & always introduce a new treat in small amounts to see how your pet tolerates it.


-6  Elk Tripe patties dried from 3"meat patties

-no preservatives, chemicals, or fillers

-for animal consumption only


Ingredients: 100% Elk Tripe

*meat is sourced from organically raised, grass fed Elk (hormone & antibiotic free)


*This treat is dehydrated in house & made to order to ensure freshness. Please allow 24-72 hours after your order is placed for our drying process*

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