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Boar Ears - 2 Pack

Boar Ears - 2 Pack

Single ingredient chew with fur made from free range Wild Australian Boar. Boar offers a nice alternative to traditional Pork as it is more lean & less fatty.


Hair is great for promoting a healthy digestive tract by helping to clear away food residue and allowing for improved absorption. Fur also acts as a natural dewormer by brushing both worms and eggs that may be in the digestive tract.


-this listing is for a 2 pack of Boar ears

*most beef ears are 4-5" but natural variation is to be expected, Boar ear's are smaller than traditional pig's ears

-promotes the natural need to chew & dissect while reducing tartar

-for animal consumption only

-should be fed in between meals in 15-20 minute increments with fresh water available under supervision


Ingredients: 100% Wild Boar, No Additives or Preservatives

*sourced & made in Australia


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