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Beaver Tail

Beaver Tail

100% dehydrated beaver tail, cut into pieces for easier consumption! These are sourced from wild trapped Midwestern beaver & are a seasonal item. Each tail is around 8" long and 6 ounces, although some natural variation is to be expected. This leathery, exotic treat makes for a great source of glucosamine!


This listed is for 1 beaver tail, cut into easy to chew pieces

-each tail yield about 5-6 pieces in total

-leathery outside with meat, fat, & bone inside

-dehydrated in the US

-single ingredient, no preservatives or additives 

-store in the fridge or freezer for longer shelf life

-for animal consumption only


Please note that Beaver tails do contain one small bone that runs down the center of the tail. Always supervise your dog when introducing a new treat or chew, especially one with bone. Although the dehydration process doesn't promote splintering like traditional cooked bones, please keep safety in mind & feed appropriately to avoid choking hazards. 


*These treats are dehydrated in house once an order is placed to ensure maximum freshness! Beaver tail can take up to 1 whole week to thoroughly dehydrate. Please keep this lead time in mind when ordering*

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