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Based in Hawaii, Lava Paws was built on the principle of 'connecting people, paws, and products'. The company was started when its founder Meghan, was on a mission to find help for one of her pups who was newly diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. With a background as a Wildlife Biologist, Meghan went on to become a certified nutritionist with a concentration in raw nutrition so she could begin creating balanced and complete homemade meals for her dogs.

Lava Paws products are designed to support your dog's health and happiness while giving you, their companion, peace of

mind. these products include gourmet dog treats, raw homemade dog food, and spa care. They work with over 20

different farmers, ranchers, hunters, and fisherman to source their meat as ethically as possible while creating an 

additional stream of income for these locals. Much of the meat that Lava Paws purchases are leftover animal parts that 

humans wouldn't typically consume and would otherwise be considered waste. When they purchase an entire animal, all

parts are utilized, ensuring that virtually nothing goes to waste. In addition to helping the island's reduce their generated

waste, many of their products help control the islands invasive deer and goat population. 

We are so excited to be partnering with them

as their first U.S. retailer to carry their products

outside of Hawaii. Beyond being ethically sourced, 

their treats and chews are minimally processed, 

all natural, and preservative free. We know your 

dogs will love them as much as we do! Be sure to

also check out their 'Buggah Off' natural flea and

tick shampoo that we carry in addition to their 


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As Lava Paws expands their business, they are in the process of building a warehouse to support their expansion goals along with upgrading their food processing and packaging equipment. They are currently seeking lenders to help fund their expansion warehouse project. You can learn more about becoming a lender by clicking here >>>


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